Once a Conqa staff adds you to the list of beta testers please follow these instructions.


1. Open the e-mail you received from "TestFlight" - it looks like this:

2. Click on "View in TestFlight".

3. Copy your redeem code and click the "TestFlight from the App Store" link.

4. Download the TestFlight App from the App Store.

5. Open the TestFlight app and Accept Terms and Conditions

6. Allow Push Notifications to be notified of new updates for the Conqa Site app.

6. Click Redeem on the top right and use the code you received previously.
If you forgot to copy, just go back to the e-mail you received and click on "View on TestFlight" again.

7. The Conqa Site App is now installed and ready to be Opened.
If you used the button on the e-mail you might see "Install" instead of "Open" - in that case, hit Install and then you'll be able to Open.

8. Click Next on the "From the Developer" screen and Start Testing on the following screen.

9. Log in with your Conqa account to start using the app (same credentials you use on the existing Site App)


Thank you for your helping us test our Beta version of the new Site App!

The new Site App is still on Beta. If you have any issues please contact support@conqahq.com


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