Once a Conqa staff adds you to the list of beta testers please follow these instructions.


1. From your phone click on this link: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.conqahq.conqasiteapp.If you’re logged in with the Google account you provided to us you will see this page:

2. Click on “BECOME A TESTER”. You’ll then see this page: 

3. Click on “download it on Google Play

4. Click “Install” on Google Play 

5. The app is now installed, please Open it.

6. Log in with your Conqa account to start using it (same credentials you use on the existing Site App)


Thank you for your helping us test our Beta version of the new Site App!

The new Site App is still on Beta. If you have any issues please contact support@conqahq.com


If you see this screen above you are likely logged in with a Google account different from the one provided to us; or we haven’t yet added your e-mail to the list of testers. Check you Google Account first - if that doesn’t work please contact support@conqahq.com.

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